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I use one of these Exfoliating Bath Mitts when I shower. This sisal mitt make my skin feel vibrant and is the perfect thing for sloughing off that top layer of skin. I lather up with one of my handmade soaps then follow up with a little scrubbing to leave my skin glowing.

The Exfoliating Bath Mitt is the perfect add-on when buying soap for yourself or as a gift. Also the perfect addition to a gift package you’d like to put together as a unique one-of-a-kind present to that special loved one. To see my selection of skin care accessories, go here.

After using it in the tub or shower, you can just hang it or place it on a rack to dry.

Don’t forget to get a soap dish as well. Even better, buy more than one soap dish. That way you can switch them out every few weeks to allow for them to dry out naturally. It will help prevent mold and mildew from forming and thus greatly extend the life of not only your soap, but your soap dishes.



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