Tranquility Bath and Shower Gel

Who needs hand sanitizer?

So who needs sanitizer? I’ve got you covered. In fact, I’ll send you a free 4 oz bottle of hand sanitizer with a purchase of $29.95 or more. And I can scent it for you if you like. Just type in CLEANHANDS during checkout where it says “Have a coupon?” The hand sanitizer couples beautifully with my homemade keep your hands from drying out with all the hand washing that’s necessary during COVID. I have liquid soap in two sizes (pictured above) if you prefer that over bar soap.

I also have a few new things listed including some nice skin care accessories that would make lovely additions to a one-of-a-kind gift. And of course, I can ship it for you directly if you like. There are also some additional men’s solid colognes listed now. And more to come (men’s shaving accessories, etc.) and more bath salts including Zinfully-Decadent and Chardonnay Thyme… Azuki Bean Facial Scrub. And more candles in pretty glass containers with shells and ribbon. I’ll try and get those done in the next couple days.

Our nice temperate climate seems to have disappeared for awhile. I feel like I’m in the tropics or on the east coast with these hot days. High humidity and temperatures have kept me indoors next to a fan or two. Salads are what’s for dinner! Hope you’re staying safe and well… and cool!


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