June update

June update

I’ve been meaning to write another post for awhile now, but there are so many things to do when I do it all myself. So here it is the end of June. How did that happen? I’m running out of time to send a June update and I wanted to give you the newest news and wish you all a wonderful summer!

I never want to stop learning. There’s so much out there to learn about. I just finished taking a jewelry class, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The focus was on the embossing and shaping of metal. I also recently took a mosaic workshop. I’m inspired by both of these media. So much so that I just finished doing mosaic on our mailbox with embossed metal accents. It took quite awhile, but I really enjoyed it. I’ll be posting photos or video on Instagram and Facebook shortly. In fact the featured photo for this post shows it in the background.

Facial Soaps

So I think I’ve listed most things on the website that I’ve been working on lately. I just finished two facial soaps. One of them, I loaded with the delicious oils that I use in some of my high end facial products. I scented it with my signature Tranquility Blend of essential oils. It’s called Tranquility Luxury Facial and Body Bar. Read all about the incredibly rejuvenating ingredients here. I made it specifically for more mature women’s skin. You know, like mine! And possibly yours!

The next one I made is called Garden in a Bar — you can find it here. I infused annatto seed in olive oil, added tamanu oil, carrot seed oil and carrot powder, plus garden variety of other wonderful ingredients. This one I scented with orange essential oil and carrot seed oil.

Other new products

My latest batch of soap has an almond scent… Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Soap. Look for that to be listed shortly. Many of my customers love goat’s milk soap and oatmeal soap, so I combined the two! It smells heavenly. Another new one is Lilac Shea Soap that I made with alkanet root infused olive oil to give a purple hue. Love me some lilac! I’ll be listing these two as soon as they are cured… soon!

New solid perfume fragrances I’ve made lately are Lilac, Wild Rose and Honeysuckle.

I’ve also listed some really cute lip balm holder keychains that make great gifts for yourself and your family/friends. I have a new Tropical Orange Lip Balm that I’ll try and list today… once I get my orders out.

My brass swirl earrings have been selling lately, and I recently even gave my pair away. I’ve made them with pearls by special order. I’ll probably make a separate listing for those, as they are larger than the original ones.

I’ll be making a facial exfoliant next. Always something going on around here.

Let me know if you need anything, have questions/requests/comments or would just like to drop a line and say hi!

Till next time…

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