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Winter is at an end

Winter is at an end, and what a winter it’s been! So much rain and cold, so we are certainly getting California’s version of seasons. Lake Cachuma is 70% full (wow!), the hills and mountains are lush and green, and water is running in the creeks. And the frogs are finally coming back! What a difference a few months have made.

So much has happened since the last time I wrote. I’ve been extremely busy and have a whole lot of new products… I’m still trying to get them all listed.

My whipped body butters have really been big sellers. But when the weather starts to get warm, I plan to take them off the website again. I just can’t be sure what kind of shape they arrive in with warmer temperatures. The whipped state starts to soften when it gets above 74°, so I feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re local, I will have some available. We’ll figure it out.

Lots of new products! Plus the tried and true.

The mens’ products did really well over the holidays when I had my things at A Crimson Holiday here in Santa Barbara. Since then, I’ve made some new ones that I’m really happy with, so check back in the next few weeks. One is Birchwood and Oud and the other is Cedar and Amber. I made them look a bit like wood on purpose and the scents appeal to both sexes. Can’t wait to show them!

My line of solid perfumes has grown substantially, and I recently made up one for men. Someone requested that I do that. I try and listen to what customers want, and fill the need if I am able to. I also added several scents of perfumed body oil in roll-on glass bottles.

More new things include massage candles and several of new gift sets that I can box up and send as gifts for you. Shave sets for men, doggie grooming sets, a baby set, kids’ soap (listing soon), and I still have smaller sets to list. I’m also making some bolo ties with Funk Zone pendants, and some candles. I have a Blue Gardenia set I will be listing that includes a soy candle and roll on body oil.

Postage rates have gone up, and keeping shipping at a flat $1.99 is getting harder. I know I lose money, but I currently still do it to get my products out into the world.

Last month I had carpel tunnel surgery, so that has slowed me down considerably. But I’m definitely on the mend.

Winter is at an end, and it’s time to be inspired and do a little pampering to make sure you chase those winter blues away! Hopefully you have a minute to take a peek! Until next time… Love you guys!


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