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Felted Soaps (Soap in a Blanket)

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Something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now is to felt some of my soap. But I never seemed to have the time till now. So I have several new Felted Soaps (Soap in a Blanket). People love receiving these as gifts, I happen to know. 🙂 Great lather, exfoliating qualities, and the soap lasts longer. Plus they’re unique and fun! Each one is different. And once the soap is gone, they make great scrubbers.

Simply put, I wrap wool around my soaps and spend a lot of time rubbing them to make the fibers intertwine, thus making it ‘felted.’ Once they dry, I use a felting needle and more wool to decorate them.

You can take a look at my Felted Soaps (Soap in a Blanket) selection here. I made some with my Gardenia Silk Soap… the garibaldi and squid in a watery background. Others with Honeysuckle Rose Soap in pinks. Some with Sandalwood Vanilla with natural colors… all round bars. And some with my Lilac Silk Soap that have purple and white backgrounds. I may make more depending on how these go. Finally, if you have a favorite soap you’d like me to felt for you, let me know.

These come with a wooden soap dish to help keep them dry. In any case, just make sure they don’t sit in water or in the shower stream, or the soap will dissolve pretty quickly.


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