A few quotes from people who have used Love from SB products…

Thanks for making birthday giving so beautiful and easy! Can’t wait to actually touch the soaps. They look amazing on Facebook! And it occurs to me that I have a lot of people who could use a little Love from Santa Barbara. – Carolyn, Santa Barbara, CA

It is all so fabulous. I haven’t found a thing that I didn’t think was the best I have ever seen. Donna, you have an incredible talent. The scents and textures are absolutely divine!!!! I encourage everyone to buy, but then there would be none for me. What a dilemma! ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️ – Carol Ann, Santa Barbara, CA

Wow, the peppermint lip butter is THE BALM!! Thank you, Donna. Perked up my pucker perfectly. – Starshine, Santa Barbara, CA

Just crazy about the colorful vibrant jewelry, especially the Funk Zone Necklaces and Donna’s new gorgeous lightweight earrings! I get so many compliments when I wear LOVE from SB items out and about. I also buy them for my friends and family as special gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and family reunions. The only drawback is, I selfishly want to keep them all and have a hard time deciding which unique necklace or earrings to share! — Debbie, Santa Barbara

I love this whipped body butter so much! Even though it’s great all over the body, I like to keep it at my bedside and apply it on my hands and feet before I go to sleep… it truly penetrates and moisturizes without being greasy. – Anabel, Santa Barbara, CA

I took this package with me on a trip and shared it with my family. Wow, we loved the textures and scents. I’m especially in love with the Espresso Sugar Scrub. So invigorating! – Carol, San Rafael, CA

Fantastic on your lips! I am so delighted by the smell, feel and the amazingly healthy ingredients! – Tamara, Santa Barbara, CA

Oh my gosh! What a score! Am putting the body butter on my feet at night and my feet are SO soft. Am using it all and feel very spoiled. The packaging is very cool! – Mary, Grass Valley, CA

Wow, this lotion bar smells so good, I want to eat it! I’m going to have to hide it from the kids. – Cristen, Van Nuys, CA

Your soap is so fragrant and soothing! – Natalie, Santa Barbara, CA

Talk about “waking up to smell the coffee!” I love the way how soft this scrub makes my skin feel. No irritation at all. Makes it fun to wash yourself! Did I also mention how yummy it smells? – Margie, Florida

Creative and yummy (and subtle enough for guys to enjoy)! – Debbie, Santa Barbara, CA

I bought this lip balm and love it. It is very soft and luxurious feeling. I kind of go nuts with lip balms as my lips are always dry and I am not a big lipstick person, so this is a wonderful find. – Anita, Huntington Beach, CA

It’s all just amazing!!! Feels, looks and smells amazing!!! – Ana, Goleta, CA

The cream I got from you healed/repaired my cracked heels. (I need more!) – Michele, Santa Barbara, CA

Donna makes such wonderful products! Love, love, love everything she makes! – Anita, Huntington Beach, CA

I need more lip butter. I’m hooked! I ran out and would love to buy more. I’m a huge fan! – Rachel, Santa Barbara, CA

I gave this soap to a friend as a hostess gift and she said, “How beautiful! Can I open it?” She thought it was a jewel box! – Margie, Florida

So, the lovely Donna Greene hooked me up with some lip butter, peppermint style and it’s great. Will definitely get some more and other flavors. I love it because it is not a hard stick like the usual brands, nice and soft, goes on soft, moisturizes and protects and oooh that bright flavor gives a nice lift. Love from Santa Barbara rocks, try some ya’ll, you won’t be disappointed….and environmentally friendly ingredients….a win win in my book. – Roger, Oxnard, CA

OMG!! Just used your Expresso Sugar Scrub! Love it! My skin feels so energized! Have been using the Lavender whipped body butter. Sooooooooo lovely! It is so light and moisturizing. Absolutely WONDERFUL! Love the texture too. It’s fun!! Reminds me of something from my childhood … can’t put my finger on it though. Marshmallow cream? – Eileen, Grass Valley, CA