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A Brand New Year. Happy 2020!

Well, it’s a brand new year. I hope you all had some moments that you really enjoyed over the holidays. I savored spending time with my family. We ended up with 20 people for Christmas Eve! Nine of those were kids. They all got along well, so it was fun and definitely never a dull moment.

It’s been very busy around here, hence the lack of posts. In the thick of the seasonal rush, it’s hard to grab a minute. Thanks for being patient with me!

I have quite a few new products I need to list on the website. I’ve been having some fun with geranium and rose essential oils. I made lip balm, a whipped body butter and a body balm. Also a nice sugar scrub with geranium and lavender. I use these in my Tranquility Blend, but they are more blended in with other essential oils so they’re a bit less pronounced. I also brought back Zin-fully Decadent Bath Salts and my Chardonnay Thyme Sugar Scrub and Bath Salts. Be sure and check back to see what’s new in the coming weeks!

If you’re local, you might want to stop in at A Crimson Holiday in La Cumbre Plaza before we close for the season (on the 15th of this month). You can check out the new products, and I’ve also marked a few things down that I’m discontinuing… some soaps, scrubs, and bath salts in particular.

Before getting ready for the holidays, I was spending more of my time with jewelry and listed a few things. I hope to add more in the coming months. I’m loving working on new ideas and excited to share them with you. 🙂

Taking the time to catch up and BREATHE. Hope you are too, and that this finds you well. And ready to indulge in more guilty pleasures!





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