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Life during the coronavirus pandemic

Wow, what strange times we’re living in now. Life during the coronavirus pandemic is crazy and some are having a hard time adjusting and dealing with it. Not to mention the financial hardship and other difficulties that come with sheltering at home.

I had my own reasons and decided to go grocery shopping and come home to shelter on February 11th. None too soon, as it turns out. We are doing fine. A couple of introverts doing our thing while keeping an eye on things in the world. I know this will end up affecting pretty much all of us in some degree. I wish you and yours safety and health.

I’ve been doing my best to fill the need for soap as the opportunities arise. I know that with all the repeated hand washing that you’re advised to do, it can really dry out your skin. Happily that doesn’t apply to the soap I make. The fact that I superfat my recipes, you don’t feel the need to apply lotion after washing your hands… something I experience and have been told repeatedly by customers. We know some people who are on the front lines, so I’ve been sending care packages in appreciation of all they’re going through. They need all the help they can get right now.

Before this all hit, I decided to try my hand at liquid soap making. It’s a whole different world than cold process and it’s quite complex. First I tried some foaming soap, then I figured I’d make a bath and shower gel. Essential oils work quite differently in liquid soap than in cold process or other skin care products, and not all of them are appropriate. So I came up with a blend that I think very closely translates to my Tranquility Blend using essential oils that perform well in liquid soap. The end result is Tranquility Bath and Shower Gel. It derives its color from the oils I used to make it, along with the essential oils. There are no colorants. Only what needs to be in it.

Please stay safe and stay home whenever possible. We’ll get through the craziness of life during the coronavirus pandemic.



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