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This Solid Wooden Soap Dish will help your soap last longer, by keeping it dry after each use. Handmade soap in particular is best when kept on a soap dish that helps drain the water off of it. Handmade soap has natural ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil that keep your skin moisturized and hydrated and if left in a puddle of water, these beautiful ingredients are dissolved. For the same reason, soap should be out of faucet and shower spray.

Whether it’s for a gift or for yourself, it just makes sense. It’s the perfect addition to any soap, but especially handmade soap that’s full of rich and nourishing ingredients. The inner ridges and the holes at the bottom allow the water to drain away from the soap. In fact, I recommend getting two soap dishes for each location in your home. That way you can switch them out every few weeks to allow for them to dry out naturally. It will help prevent mold and mildew from forming and thus greatly extend the life of not only your soap, but your soap dishes.

Pair these with your favorite soaps as a guilty pleasure… or give them to that special someone.

The Solid Wooden Soap Dish measures 5in x 4in x 0.5in.


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