Jasmine Solid Perfume


Don’t be caught missing your favorite scent because you forgot to put it on at home. You can keep this convenient tin in your purse.

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There are few plants that are as well known for their intoxicating fragrance as jasmine with their myriad of blooms. When you smell it on the breeze, it can send you to another place or time. I often smell jasmine on my walks or coming into the house from my yard. And that’s what inspired me to create this Jasmine Solid Perfume.

I mix the jasmine fragrance with a combination of sweet almond oil, organic shea butter, organic beeswax, and Vitamin E oil, so it not only smells good, but it provides nourishing ingredients to your skin. Then I packaged it in a conveniently sized tin that fits in a small pocket of your purse or in your make up bag.

Solid perfumes aren’t something new. The ancient Romans and Egyptians are known to have used them for scents and/or healing properties. Europeans have been known to carry them around in fancy lockets. So I feel like I’m in good company!

For other scents, consider these options.

Jasmine Solid Perfume Ingredients and beneficial properties

Sweet almond oil keeps skin hydrated and supple without being too greasy.

Organic shea butter is a skin superfood. It delivers key components right into the skin. It’s also naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F.

Organic beeswax is rich in vitamin A which softens and rehydrates dry skin.

Vitamin E Oil moisturizes and softens.

Be sure and check all the ingredients for allergies.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Fragrance, and Vitamin E Oil.



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