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Funk Zone Deep Sea Teardrop Earrings


These handcrafted polymer clay and resin earrings have an elegant gemstone coloring, are very lightweight, and are reminiscent of the deep ocean.

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Unique dangle earrings reminiscent of the deep ocean

These gorgeous Funk Zone Deep Sea Teardrop Earrings are each one-of-a-kind. They’re very lightweight, and the colors are rich and intense. I make them right here in Santa Barbara.

Since no two are alike, the earrings vary in coloring and design. Some have more of some colors than others. They have beautiful deep shades of purple, green and blue.

I start out with polymer clay, then use gold foil and alcohol inks to create the design. Then I top them off with a dome of resin which intensifies the colors like crazy! Then I make them into earrings using a beautiful Swarovski crystal, bronze wire and ear wires.

It’s best to avoid getting perfume or other strong chemicals on the surface of these earrings. They should clean up just by rubbing them with a clean, soft cloth.

The backs may have some flecks of colored foil on them for added interest.

Perfect any weather, for casual, dressed up or down, these Funk Zone Deep Sea Teardrop Earrings are unique and beautiful.

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