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Fluted copper disc earrings-turquoise/coral/opal


A different and fun combination… turquoise, coral and Australian opal with fluted, stamped copper.

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A different combo

Instead of the usual combination of turquoise and silver, these are made with copper. These fluted copper disc earrings-turquoise/coral/opal are handmade right here in Santa Barbara andI love how these colors look together.

These earrings feature a Kingman turquoise bead paired with vintage coral and Australian opal. They are one of a kind. I have given them an antique look and they will develop a nice patina over time.

I love this combination of stones. And while they are generally paired with silver, I love the look of the copper for a refreshing change. It’s something different than anything I own.

Finally, please be advised that the ear wire is copper and a small percentage of people are allergic to copper. It may also discolor your skin on contact, although I have waxed them as a precautionary measure.

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