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Fender Skirted Knob Bolo Tie 2

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The perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, and dad… they’ll look so cool.

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Here’s something that most guys would love to own if they could… especially if they’re a guitar or bass player. A Fender skirted knob bolo tie. Even if they’re not, who wouldn’t love this bolo tie made with a Fender skirted knob, guitar picks, cable ends and some beautiful black, braided leather to hold them all together?

Imagine going to a party or a show with one of these on. There’s something so cool about this bolo tie. Definitely not a cowboy bolo tie. And it’s not like any average Joe would have one. Women have bought one of these for themselves as well. Very chic and original.

The components

I start with a beautiful vintage type guitar knob made for specifically for Fender guitars and basses and place it on a couple of beautiful celluloid guitar picks. I attach these to a tension bolo back for ease of adjustment. This bolo back also won’t scar and fray the beautiful, braided leather cord that goes through it when adjusting. The black leather cord is a perfect 4 mm. in diameter. I finish it off with cable ends … the kind you’d plug into an amplifier, drilling them out to make room for the leather cord.

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1 review for Fender Skirted Knob Bolo Tie 2

  1. Thomas Ahlers

    A very well-designed, handcrafted bolo. It is lightweight, comfortable, and a real stand-out! Everybody who has seen it, loves it 🙂

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