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Gibson Knob Bolo Tie – Black / Red


The perfect gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, and dad… they’ll look so cool.

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It’s pretty safe to say that the guy next to you on the gig wouldn’t have this one-of-a-kind Gibson Les Paul Knob Bolo. This is a real beauty, isn’t it? That real pretty Gibson Les Paul knob goes real nice with the turquoise and black picks. Then it’s set off even more by the nice black braided leather cord and amp plugs. It should go with pretty much anything you wanna wear on stage… or off.

There are bolo ties and there are bolo ties. The girls are gonna love this…  might even go so far as to take yours. Hell, if they want one, I’ll make them one, too.

A little bit about the process of the Gibson Knob Bolo Tie – Black / Red

I start with a beautiful vintage guitar knob made for Gibson guitars (Les Paul) and place it on a couple of beautiful celluloid guitar picks. I attach these to a tension bolo back for ease of adjustment. This bolo back also won’t scar and fray the beautiful, braided leather cord that goes through it when adjusting. The black leather cord is 4 mm. in diameter. I finish it off with cable ends … the kind you’d plug into an amplifier, drilling them out to make room for the leather cord.

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