Love from SB Valentine's Day Gift Pack

Welcome to Love from Santa Barbara!


One of the things that attracts people about Santa Barbara is the quality of life. Another is the abundant beauty almost everywhere you look. It makes you FEEL good. I’ve had friends come to visit and tell me that they’re happiest when they’re here. It might be the combination of the proximity to the beautiful beaches, the pink moment on the Santa Ynez Mountains, the architecture, the friendliness of the locals… whatever it is, it makes you love this place we call Santa Barbara. And it’s probably different for any person you ask.

We love our wine, watching sunsets on the beach, hiking the trails and creeks all up and down the mountains, the fabulous museums, restaurants, bars and music venues. But we also like to feel good and use natural products that don’t have ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

So to start off, we’re offering skin care and bath products. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine’s Day Gift Pack, a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you love is made with luxurious ingredients that make your skin feel amazing, from lip butter to bath salts, to sugar and salt scrubs, to whipped body butter, to lotion bars. Everything is made with pure ingredients and scented with essential oils. The real deal. For more details, go here. There’s also a heart-shaped lotion bar that comes in a tin to keep it fresh here. And the luxurious lip butter that I can no longer do without is here.

So when you feel like pampering yourself, these are a great way to treat yourself to some spoiling and guilty pleasures. Of course, they also make perfect gifts for your sweetie or loved one(s).


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