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Cocoa Mint Lip Butter

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A rich, creamy lip butter to pamper yourself and share with a friend. They make wonderful gifts, too!

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Love from SB’s Cocoa Mint Lip Butter* smells really good. Especially if you’re a chocolate mint kinda person. And it feels so rich and creamy on your lips. Very nourishing and luxurious. It’s made with pure and wonderful ingredients that feel amazing on your skin. No chemicals or ingredients that you’re not sure how to pronounce.

Cocoa Mint Lip Butter is made with pure and simple ingredients: coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and peppermint essential oil. It feels so good, you might want to get some for friends while you’re at it!

*Only offered in cooler months because of the high butter content.

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6 reviews for Cocoa Mint Lip Butter

  1. Ana

    I need more lip butter. I’m hooked!

    • Donna Greene

      I can help you out with that! 🙂

  2. Starshine Roshell

    Wow, the peppermint lip butter is THE BALM!! Thank you, Donna. Perked up my pucker perfectly.

    • Donna Greene

      haha! I’m glad you like it!

  3. Tamara Simmons

    Fantastic on your lips! I am so delighted by the smell, feel and the amazingly healthy ingredients!

    • Donna Greene

      Thanks, Tamara! Glad to hear it’s a winner for you! I know I’m addicted to it!

  4. Roger Reid

    So, the lovely Donna Greene hooked me up with some lip butter, peppermint style and it’s great. Will definitely get some more and other flavors. I love it because it is not a hard stick like the usual brands, nice and soft, goes on soft, moisturizes and protects and oooh that bright flavor gives a nice lift. Love from Santa Barbara rocks, try some ya’ll, you won’t be disappointed….and environmentally friendly ingredients….a win win in my book.

    R. Reid.

    • Donna Greene

      So glad you’re enjoying it. And that it’s a win-win for you. 🙂

  5. anita

    I too bought this lip balm and love it. It is very soft and luxurious feeling. I kind of go nuts with lip balms as my lips are always dry and I am not a big lipstick person, so this is a wonderful find.

    • Donna Greene

      Yeah, me too. I don’t wear lipstick much of the time, but almost always have some kind of lip balm on. Going back to any of the others feels wrong now! They’re all so waxy and hard. Glad you love this!

  6. Rachel Sarah Thurston

    I love this lip balm so much. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Was sad when I ran out. Tastes so yummy and really moisturizes.

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