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White and lavender zinnia earrings

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These handcrafted polymer clay earrings are lightweight and beautiful.

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Lightweight and one-of-a-kind

These white and lavender zinnia earrings are one-of-a-kind. They make me think of spring, summer, warm weather and the outdoors. Since they’re made with polymer clay, they’re very lightweight. And they are handmade right here in Santa Barbara.

I made these using a cane I made, and then making it different sizes, like a big bouquet. Properly hardened, then sanded, they have a coating to protect them from scratches. I used silver plated ear wires, but they can easily be replaced with something else.

Perfect especially for warm weather, these earrings are unique and beautiful. If you don’t live in warm weather conditions, maybe they will bring the sun your way.

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2 reviews for White and lavender zinnia earrings

  1. Margie N.

    I wanted to have these! I ordered them and received them very quickly. Thanks so much!! I’m amazed at your product line!

  2. Ferne R.

    Thank you for these beeeautiful earrings that you made for me! Love them!

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