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Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Parade – Greeting Card


An annual Santa Barbara 'happening.'



“Without a doubt, the Summer Solstice parade is the most artistically creative and outrageous event in Santa Barbara, and one of the most fun.” – Santa Barbara Family Life

“Every June, Santa Barbara celebrates summer with a spectacle that invites you to check your adulthood at the door.” – Sunset Magazine

“Draws throngs with a PG-13 rated type of Mardi Gras madness.” – SkyWest Magazine

This wacky, zany parade attracts thousands of people every year… there are fantastically created floats, giant puppets, amazing costumes. Every summer, a different theme is announced and participants are invited to create something based on whatever the theme happens to be. With over 1000 participants, the parade starts on lower State Street and ends up in Alameda Park for a big party with live music and dancing, food and drinks, and arts and crafts.

For more information on the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration, visit the website: www.solsticeparade.com

Santa Barbara Greeting Cards have a beautiful, glossy finish, are blank on the inside, measure 5×7 inches and come with white envelopes.

Photo by Donna Greene.


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