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Phalaenopsis orchids – Greeting Card


These beauties, and many more varieties of orchids, are raised in the Santa Barbara area.


Santa Barbara is home to these phalaenopsis orchids and many more

Located between the Santa Ynez Mountain Range to the north and the beautiful Pacific Ocean to the south (yes, our coastline runs east/west here), Santa Barbara is widely known as a mecca for orchid growers. Since the early 1900’s, this location has been a hotspot for orchid appreciators and growers, providing the perfect climate for raising these beauties. Some of the growers have retail outlets or visitors centers where you can go see them for yourself. Some orchid lovers in the Santa Barbara area have lavished their gardens with them year round. Featured on this card is a variety of the Phalaenopsis orchids.

I have raised many Monarch butterflies over the last few years in hopes of doing my part to combat the decline in their population. I’ve led them as mature caterpillars to one of my phalaenopsis orchids where they have gone into the chrysalis stage. This postcard shows a newly hatched Monarch on one of my phalaenopsis orchids. Combining Monarchs with orchids seemed like a good idea and they are stunning together.

If you live here or are in town and would like to broaden your horizons of orchid varieties, check out the Santa Barbara Orchid Trail. Also, visit some of the growers and see some of the most beautiful specimens of orchids anywhere.

In addition, Santa Barbara is home to the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show. It’s one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious orchid shows in the nation. It draws top local, regional and international growers, orchid societies, amateur botanists. floral arrangers and orchid lovers. Each entrant presents their most unique and stunningly beautiful orchid plants in lush garden showcases. Generally held in the spring, people from all over attend this amazing show. For more information, visit their website.

Santa Barbara Greeting Cards have a beautiful, glossy finish and are blank on the inside. They measure 5×7 inches and come with white envelopes.

Photo by Donna Greene.


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