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Close Shave Shaving Soap

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You won’t want to go back to commercial shaving cream after trying this shaving soap!

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Warning: Once you try a real shaving soap like this, it’s hard to go back to a commercial shaving cream. It smells great too, as it has essential oils of Cedarwood Atlas, fir needle and orange 5-fold. With the addition of bentonite clay, it makes for some extra ‘slip’ and works to purify your skin, sort of like a mud mask would do. The addition of castor oil helps give this soap a thick, creamy lather. So grab your favorite shaving brush and you’re all set.

Using multiple oils contributes to the complexity of the lather: coconut oil for rich bubbly lather; palm oil to contribute to a stable, creamy, hard bar; sunflower oil for conditioning and lather; olive oil for conditioning; castor oil for lather and creaminess; and cocoa butter for conditioning.

This combination of ingredients fulfill all the characteristics you would want in a shaving soap: an abundance of lather, lubricating, protective, fragrant and a long lasting bar.

These round bars weigh 2.5 ounces.

1 review for Close Shave Shaving Soap

  1. John Graeser

    I wanted to let you know that before I started using this shaving soap, I would get a rash on my face every time I shaved. Since I started using your shaving soap, no rash! Thank you!

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