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I’ve been fascinated with glasswork for a long time, but especially when I stayed on the island of Murano in Italy. Awhile back, I started making pendants that reminded me of the glass there. And since I already made bolo ties, I decided to make up some of these as bolos. This Funk Zone Bolo Tie A1 is one of the beauties I came up with.

Definitely a one-of-a-kind, this piece makes a statement. It could be worn on a gig, to a party or anytime, really. I wear mine all the time and people never stop with the compliments.

The components of this Funk Zone Bolo Tie A1

I start with a piece of polymer clay and carefully place silver foil on top. Once I adhere it, I use alcohol inks to create the design of color. It takes awhile to dry, but after that I add some touches with acrylic paint. Once that is dry, I’m able to put the resin on it that to me resembles glass. Once it’s cured, I attach a tension bolo back. I use these for their ease of adjustment. They won’t scar and fray the beautiful, braided leather cord that goes through it when adjusting. I use the best black braided leather I can find, and it’s a perfect 4 mm. in diameter. I finish the bolo off with the end caps pictured. Like any handmade product, these will last a long time if treated gently.

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Additional information

Weight .249 lbs


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