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Tranquility Sugar Scrub is a wonderful and invigorating exfoliant that makes your skin feel nourished and moisturized. It’s made with a special blend of essential oils that smell amazing.

Handcrafted with pure and natural ingredients, this sugar scrub smooths and moisturizes and has some of the best beauty ingredients. I started out with pure cane sugar, which isn’t necessarily the best thing for the inside of your body, but it makes a luxurious scrub. I’ve used jojoba oil in this, which is one of the closest oils to the human sebum, so that your skin will feel soft, but not greasy. In addition, I’ve also added Vitamin E oil, which is wonderful for your skin. I’ve also added some rose petal powder and essential oils of rose geranium, lavender, frankincense, and cedarwood atlas for their healing and amazing properties (see below for more details). Together these create a beautiful scent, but also are so good for your skin.


Tranquility Sugar Scrub benefits and ingredients

Sugar – a natural exfoliator

Jojoba Oil – I can’t say enough good things about jojoba oil. It helps your skin feel more moisturized… as a humectant, it seals your skin with a protective layer to help it from losing moisture. In the process, it helps your skin become more hydrated and help with elasticity, which helps your skin look younger. It can also help prevent acne and dandruff from forming, since it imitates the human sebum, thus telling the follicles to produce less sebum in the areas where it is applied. Since it naturally contains Vitamin E, it works to help your skin fight exposure to pollutants and other toxins. Jojoba oil is actually a wax on a molecular level, so it creates a barrier that seals in moisture while allowing your skin to absorb it. It also helps in cases of dryness, itchiness, and flaking, keeping the skin calmer and more comfortable.

Vitamin E Oil – This one has many of the same benefits to your skin as jojoba oil. Overall, it’s great for your skin and acts as a natural preservative.

Rose Petal Powder – Roses not only smell wonderful, but they cleanse your skin naturally. They can help fight irritants and pollutants. In addition, they help dry and sensitive skin feel more comfortable, trapping moisture into skin cells. They also appear to tighten skin and shrink large pores, keeping your skin toned and fresh naturally, unlike most products on the market that use alcohol or witch hazel. They If those weren’t enough reasons to include them in my cleanser/mask, they also gently exfoliate your skin and help combat germs.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil – This essential oil helps regulate the balance of the skin’s natural oil production. In addition, it helps to reduce the appearance of large pores, fight irritation causing bacteria, make the skin look more vibrant and healthy, and appear to promote circulation. It has also been known to help with soothing skin problems and helping the complexion of the skin. Beyond that, it smells so good and has aromatherapy applications that help you feel relaxed and optimistic. It’s mostly the same as geranium essential oil, but it’s considered superior because of its rosy floral notes.

Lavender Essential Oil – This essential oil has the properties mentioned above. It’s also a natural cleanser. On the aromatherapy level, lavender is wonderful for helping you feel calm and even sleepy.

Frankincense Essential Oil – This essential oil has some amazing properties shared by the other essential oils just mentioned and make your skin feel healthy. This is a big plus when you’re talking about wrinkles, scars, acne and minor wounds seeming to diminish. It’s also great for helping you feel relaxed, upbeat and balanced.

Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil – I love the smell of all these essential oils, which is probably why I created this blend. Cedarwood Atlas contains many of the same properties as the others. It also helps with keeping your skin clean and appear clear. It can be useful with itchy, dry or irritated skin. In aromatherapy, it seems to help you feel sleepy and less stressed.

Tranquility Sugar Scrub directions:

Use as desired to give your skin a soft and radiant glow. Dampen the area you wish to apply the scrub. Scoop a bit into your palms and lightly scrub with a circular motion. Then rinse with warm water for silky, smooth skin! No chemicals or additives!

Please use caution when using this product as the natural oils used in these scrubs may make your bathtub or shower slippery. In addition, the contents of the scrub may shift while in transit, so open with caution. Also, it’s a good idea to test a patch of skin to test to any allergic reaction. If a reaction occurs, please discontinue use and/or consult a doctor. Listing all the ingredients is our way of insuring that you have the information you need in case of an allergic reaction. We are not responsible for any adverse reaction you may experience.

Please note that our scrubs are made fresh and should be used within 3-6 months for maximum freshness. Be sure to keep water and direct spray out of your scrub, since it will dissolve the sugar. Also, water in your scrub produces mold.

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Net weight is 2 oz.

Made with love in Santa Barbara.

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1.125 × 5 in

2 oz. tin, 4 oz. tin


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