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‘Ocean’ Torch-Fired Copper Enamel Earrings


A different and fun combination… shades of turquoise copper enamel with vintage coral.

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Torch fired copper enamel with vintage coral and sterling silver

I made these ‘Ocean’ Torch-Fired Copper Enamel Earrings with counter enamel on the back, then an ocean effect on the front with hair burned in for visual interest. There are many layers of enamel with torch firing in between each layer to fuse it to first the copper, then the other layers of enamel.

My process

I start off with 1″ copper discs that I cut from a sheet of 26 gauge copper. I file and sand the edges, then dap each disc to slightly dome it, after which I clean the copper thoroughly to help it accept the enamel. I apply two coats of counter enamel to the backs, firing after each coat, then two base coats of enamel to the front before applying the design of the colors. I finished them off with sterling silver and vintage coral.

These earrings are handmade right here in Santa Barbara. I love the coloring on these. It reminds me of our mighty Pacific Ocean.

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