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Mom’s Rose Silk Soap

A beautiful, artisan wild rose and silk soap made in Santa Barbara with lots of luxurious butters and oils.

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Perfect for Mother’s Day!

This is the soap I just made in honor of my mom. She loved her roses so much. My grandfather always had vast numbers of roses growing at any time, usually over 200 plants. He was also a member of the Santa Barbara Rose Society. So she came by it well. I’m naming this one Mom’s Rose Silk Soap. Before she died, she would keep my soaps next to her chair so she could pick them up and smell them several times a day.

This luxurious, artisan soap is colored with rose clay and scented with wild rose scent. It is beautiful for it’s scent and moisturizing qualities.

A couple other soaps that would make great Mother’s Day gifts, or any occasion really, are the Honeysuckle Rose Soap and the Lilac Silk Soap. There are actually so many that make perfect gifts, so be sure to shop around before checking out.

This lovely and unique handcrafted soap contains lots of wonderful moisturizing ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, palm oil, and castor oil for bubbles.

Topped with rose petals, the horizontal bars are large, weighing over 5 oz. The vertical bars (think: slice of bread) weigh in around 4 oz.

Word to the wise: Don’t let this soap sit in water or be in a direct stream of the shower, or it will just melt away.

Mom’s Rose Silk Soap Ingredients

Distilled water, Olive oil (Olea europaea), Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), Palm oil (Elaeis guineensis), Sodium hydroxide, Shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Castor oil (Ricinus communis), Fragrance, Rose petals (Rosa), Kaolin clay, Rose clay (kaolinite), and Tussah silk.

This Mom’s Rose Silk Soap is for you, Mom. I love you…

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