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Los Padres Shaving Soap


You won’t want to go back to commercial shaving cream after trying this shaving soap!

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Warning: Once you try a real shaving soap like this, it’s hard to go back to a commercial shaving cream. It smells great too, as it has essential oils of Cedarwood Atlas, fir needle and Persian lime. With the addition of bentonite clay, it makes for some extra ‘slip’ and works to purify your skin, sort of like a mud mask would do. The addition of castor oil helps give this soap a thick, creamy lather. So grab your favorite shaving brush and you’re all set. Or I can sell you a combo of soap, dish, brush and brush holder.

Using multiple oils contributes to the complexity of the lather: coconut oil for rich bubbly lather; palm oil to contribute to a stable, creamy, hard bar; olive oil for conditioning; castor oil for lather and creaminess; and shea butter for conditioning.

This combination of ingredients fulfill all the characteristics you would want in a shaving soap: an abundance of lather, lubricating, protective, fragrant and a long lasting bar.

These round bars weigh 2.5 ounces.

Los Padres Shaving Soap Ingredients: Distilled Water, Olive Oil (Olea europaea), Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Palm Oil (Elaeis guineensis), Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), Shea Butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), Bentonite Clay (Hydrous silicate of alumina), Essential oils of Persian Lime, Fir Needle (Abies sibirica), and Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica). 


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