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Kiss Me All Over Heart Lotion Bar


A heart-shaped lotion bar to pamper yourself or share with a friend. They make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts!

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The Kiss Me All Over Heart Lotion Bar smells SO good. The cocoa butter and orange essential oil give these a natural orange cocoa scent and make your skin smell and feel good enough to eat. And kiss all over! The perfect thing to pamper yourself, give a wonderfully therapeutic massage, or have a little fun with your sweetheart. The oil and butters that I used are meant to melt on contact with your skin.

I made these lotion bars with pure and wonderful ingredients that feel amazing on your skin. No chemicals or ingredients that you’re not sure how to pronounce.

They each weigh a little over 2 oz. To keep them fresh and protected, they come in their very own beautifully labeled tin. I make everything by hand, with love.

The Kiss Me All Over Heart Lotion Bar ingredients:

Babassu oil – This is one of those wonderfully beneficial oils that is easily absorbed into your skin. It’s similar to coconut oil, but is lighter. It’s solid in cooler temperatures.

Organic mango butter – This one is another rich moisturizer. It’s very soothing and has Vitamin A and C.

Organic cocoa butter – In addition to cocoa butter making these bars smell like chocolate, it has some amazing skin loving properties. It’s deeply moisturizing. It’s botanical name is Theobroma Cacao, which roughly means “food of the gods.”

Organic beeswax – Beeswax provides a protective barrier that seals moisture into our skin while still letting our pores breathe.

Vitamin E oil – Another wonderful ingredient for your skin.

Orange essential oil – In addition to smelling amazing, orange essential oil has all sorts of benefits to our skin. Then there’s the aromatherapy part as well.

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Note: check all ingredients for allergies.

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