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Buttered Cocoa Spice Soap


A warm, rich, buttery bar with swirls of cocoa and cinnamon.

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This beautifully handcrafted Buttered Cocoa Spice Soap has a very buttery scent, like something baking in the oven, but I’ve also heard someone say it almost smells floral. Go figure. A favorite with Love from SB customers, this one has a universal appeal.

FIrst of all, this soap doesn’t just smell like you might think. It does smell all buttery with cocoa and spice and everything nice. But it also has a complex blend of apple, lemon and ginger, plus fig, caramel and cinnamon. Additionally, it has notes of coffee, twigs, wet forest, and buttery, spicy goodness. Kaolin clay is part of the recipe for its cleansing properties. For coloration, these bars have swirls of cocoa powder and cinnamon. They are topped with calendula petals and black rock salt from Hawaii. Made with a variety of wonderful oils and butters, this soap contains coconut oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter.

These are large handcrafted bars… the flat and vertical bars weigh around 4.5 ounces each, and the round floral bars weigh between 3.75 and 4 ounces.

Usage tip

One thing you should know about these handcrafted soaps from Love from Santa Barbara is that you should never leave them sitting in water. This will dissolve all those precious ingredients in no time. Also it’s not a good idea to leave the soap in the shower stream. Same deal. Probably best to put it them on a wire rack so the air can circulate around it.

Buttered Cocoa Spice Soap ingredients

It’s a good idea to test a patch of skin to test to any allergic reaction. If a reaction occurs, please discontinue use and/or consult a doctor. Listing all the ingredients is the best way to insure you have the information you need in case of an allergic reaction. We are not responsible for any adverse reaction you may experience.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Palm oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Castor oil, Kaolin clay, Fragrance, Calendula petals, Cocoa powder, and Cinnamon powder.

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Flat bar, Vertical bar, Round floral


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